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The principle of display box placement
Date added:[2021/4/19 11:13:09]
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The purpose of merchandise display is to standardize merchandise, be easy to copy, and maintain consistency. Reasonable and scientific product display can increase sales profits, increase sales, and promote consumers' desire to buy. So how should the display box be placed? The following editor will introduce the display box placement principle to everyone.
1. The product is obvious. There should be no places where customers can't see clearly or small commodities are blocked by large commodities.
  2. Customers can reach out. It is not possible to display boxes with lids on the shelves, and the height of the display must be considered to facilitate the convenience of customers.
  3. The shelves should be full. The shelves are filled with goods, which can give customers a good impression of abundant goods, and can also improve the logistics efficiency of commodity turnover.
   4. Related products are displayed in one place. Related products are displayed together, which can not only facilitate customers to purchase, but also stimulate customers' desire to buy. It should be noted that related products should be displayed on different shelves in the same aisle, in the same direction, and on the same side, and should not be displayed on both sides of the same set of double-sided shelves.
   5. Separate the products that influence each other. For example, separate products with peculiar smell, food, and products that require sound testing or image testing into relatively closed sales units.
   6. Place impulsive purchases in obvious places to attract customers.
  7. Place the merchandise department and group with large passenger flow adjacent to the merchandise department and group with small passenger flow.
   8. Set up cargo positions according to the flow of customers.
   9. The cargo location should be set to consider whether it is convenient to carry and unload.
   The above is about the display box placement principle, I hope it can help everyone.