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How to make acrylic display box
Date added:[2021/3/11 11:19:18]
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Acrylic display boxes refer to consumer products made from acrylic materials according to their good characteristics. Acrylic display boxes are widely used because of their favorable price, high transparency, and easy mechanical processing. Acrylic display boxes can be seen everywhere in our lives. So what is the production process of acrylic display boxes?
1. Cutting: Use a cutting machine to cut the acrylic sheet. It is necessary to clarify the size of the acrylic display box to accurately open the material to avoid material waste.
2. Engraving: After the acrylic sheet is opened, the acrylic sheet is preliminarily engraved according to the shape requirements of the acrylic display box, and carved into different shapes of graphics to make it look like products of different shapes.
3. Trimming: After cutting or engraving, the edge of the acrylic sheet is relatively rough, so the trimming machine must be used for acrylic trimming.
4. Punching: According to the needs of the product, some acrylic display boxes have small round holes, so it is necessary to punch the acrylic products in need.
5. Polishing: After cutting, engraving, and perforating, the edges are relatively rough and easy to scratch your hands. Therefore, the polishing process is used. Polishing is also divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire polishing. Different options are required according to the product. Polishing method. See the polishing process of the acrylic display box for the specific distinguishing method.
6. Paper tearing: The paper tearing process is a processing step before the silk screen and hot bending process, because the acrylic sheet will have a layer of protective paper after it leaves the factory. Tear off the sticker pasted on the acrylic sheet before silk printing and hot bending.
7. Silk screen: It is the customer's need to display their brand LOGO or slogan.
8. Hot bending: Acrylic can be changed into different shapes through hot bending. In hot bending, it is also divided into local hot bending