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Tactile knowledge of acrylic candy box
Date added:[2021/1/30 16:19:01]
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Food boxes are widely used in our lives and bring a lot of fun to our lives. The acrylic candy box is a box that people like. The following content will briefly introduce you to the tactile knowledge of the acrylic candy box.
   1. Acrylic candy box feel: Good acrylic candy box material feels mellow and smooth, and does not carry sweat or fingerprints.
  2. Thickness of acrylic candy box: Thickness is the rigid standard for the load-bearing range of acrylic candy box, 8~12 cm is the common thickness.
  3. Uniformity of acrylic candy box: Whether the color is uniform is also one of the criteria for judging whether the acrylic candy box is good or bad.
  4. Acrylic candy box hardware: Good quality and beautiful hardware is essential for transparent furniture. Inferior hardware acrylic candy boxes are likely to cause problems such as harshness, rust, and inflexibility during long-term use.
  The quality of the acrylic candy box can be seen through certain standards, because the real good acrylic candy box gives people a different touch. So when you choose an acrylic candy box, you can also judge the quality of the acrylic candy box based on the touch of the acrylic candy box.