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Precautions for purchasing acrylic candy box
Date added:[2020/12/23 13:43:35]
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Acrylic has not been used in China for a long time. In fact, it has been popularized and applied to daily life abroad. In order to popularize the knowledge of acrylic, today I will start from the purchase of acrylic candy boxes to introduce in detail, I hope it can help you correct Shop for acrylic candy boxes.
1. From the perspective of the acrylic face protection paper and brand logo, formal companies generally have a unified image, but these are the materials that some large domestic companies use more, which are what we call imported materials, that is, imports. Raw materials, domestically produced. Many acrylic candy boxes are made of plates from these big companies to give you quality assurance.
  2. From the perspective of the transparency of the acrylic candy box, this is very important. The transparency of the acrylic can be seen by tearing off the protective paper and comparing it to the light. The bluish and yellowish colors are all composited with recycled materials and new materials. Sheets made of new materials have higher transparency. Acrylic’s transparency standard is 92%, which is more transparent than glass. The high-transparency acrylic is also very transparent after being polished into a product, which is almost the same as the surface. So we must go to the transparency of Biakli.
  3. From the perspective of the thickness tolerance of the acrylic candy box, the better the acrylic thickness, the smaller the tolerance, which can be determined according to your own needs. If you are making some handicrafts, gifts, display stands, and display supplies, this will not affect it at all. However, for some lens panels and product accessories that require higher thickness, you must specify the relevant standards with the relevant manufacturers in advance.