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Precautions when using acrylic display box
Date added:[2020/11/16 11:11:13]
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We must have certain skills when using acrylic display boxes, so as to extend the service life of our boxes, thereby reducing the frequency of replacement and saving us money. So what are the precautions when we use acrylic display boxes?
   1. The thermal deformation of ordinary acrylic sheet is stable at about 100 degrees, so pay attention to this temperature value when using acrylic display boxes, such as the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees during continuous use.
  2. The surface hardness of the acrylic display box is equivalent to aluminum, so you should be careful to avoid scratches when using or processing acrylic. If scratched, you can restore the original glossy surface by polishing.
  3. If the acrylic display box is blurred or unclean due to slight scratches or adsorption dust caused by static electricity, you can use 1% soapy water to wipe it clean with a soft cloth.
4. The details that need to be paid attention to during the assembling of the acrylic display box, because the acrylic sheet has a certain coefficient of expansion, the thermal expansion and contraction factors of the acrylic sheet must be taken into account when installing, and must be left during assembly. Telescopic space gap.