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The influence of temperature on acrylic food box
Date added:[2020/8/13 13:44:35]
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As we all know, food boxes are used to hold food. There are hot foods and cold foods. So, do you know what effect temperature has on acrylic food boxes? Next, the editor will take a look with everyone, hoping to help everyone understand the acrylic food box.
All kinds of things have a melting point, the same is true for acrylic food boxes. The higher the temperature, the lower the hardness of acrylic food boxes. However, the hardness values of acrylic food boxes of different specifications are different. Within a certain range, the thickness of the plexiglass plate The larger the value, the higher the measured value. As the temperature rises, the movement of the organic glass molecular chain is strengthened, which is manifested in the macroscopically as increased flexibility and impact strength. Temperature also has a certain effect on the elastic constant of the acrylic food box. The higher the temperature, the greater the elastic constant. We can use this to change the connecting place to bend, which is strong and beautiful.
   Food boxes are widely used in daily life. Merchants must select and customize materials according to their own needs to ensure the safety of food and the health of consumers.