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Printing requirements for display box paper quality
Date added:[2020/7/17 10:37:06]
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With the improvement of people’s living standards, printing is applied to all kinds of daily necessities we use, and display boxes are no exception. However, not all display boxes can be printed, but are printed on paper. There are certain requirements, so what requirements does printing have on the paper quality of the display box?
  1. Coated paper: It is made by coating a layer of white slurry on the base paper and calendering it. The paper has a smooth surface, high whiteness, low flexibility, and good ink absorption and acceptance. Mainly used for printing book covers and illustrations, color pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging boxes, trademarks, etc.
2. Cardboard: It is an ideal material for making packaging boxes. Its good hand feeling, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, as well as stiffness and surface strength are the reasons for the designer's choice. According to the requirements of different packaging boxes, designers can make design choices for various cardboards.
3. Board paper: It is a kind of laminated structure paper with a certain stiffness and surface strength, especially the painted white paper has a surface coating, printing ink is not easy to penetrate, the amount is small, the color of the printed image and the dot transfer good.
4. Corrugated cardboard: The color of corrugated cardboard itself is quite dark, so when choosing the color of printing, consider choosing ink with high color saturation and strong coloring power (such as big red), otherwise the printed color will be the same as the desired color. There will be a big gap. The ink viscosity is the main index that needs to be controlled in the corrugated board printing, and it is one of the main factors that affect the printing color status.