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Composition elements of acrylic candy box
Date added:[2020/6/1 14:34:05]
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There are many types of candy boxes. Among them, there is no more festive acrylic candy box. The acrylic candy box is exquisitely designed. Its artistic, cultural, and fashionable atmosphere can show the personality and taste of the newcomer. Here is a brief introduction to the composition elements of the acrylic candy box.
   Acrylic candy box composition elements are an important part of the packaging design process. It is the combination of trademarks, graphics, text, and colors on the display surface of the sugar packaging to form a complete picture. Good products also need good packaging design. Sugar packaging design also includes graphic visual design and material development. The core competitiveness of products produced by enterprises is product quality, excellent production technology and credible quality assurance, which are only part of the completion of product production.
   Therefore, no matter what form of sugar packaging is developed or produced, attention must be paid to the harmony and unity of the graphic design part and the product in order to reflect the beauty of the design.