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Can acrylic display boxes be used as food boxes?
Date added:[2020/5/11 10:21:11]
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Food safety is a topic of great concern to everyone. In addition to the hygiene of the food itself, the carrier used to hold the food is also very important. Acrylic display boxes are often used in supermarkets to hold bulk food and as food packaging. Those who know a little about acrylic may ask: Can acrylic display boxes be used as food boxes?
   Many people think that acrylic is an industrial material, but the understanding of acrylic still lies in the processing of acrylic products such as acrylic display stands, handicrafts, and architectural decorations. In fact, this is relatively one-sided. For different purposes, acrylic materials are also graded, including industrial-grade materials for industrial manufacturing; fire-retardant materials for building decoration; of course, food-grade acrylic displays for food packaging box.
   Food-grade acrylic display boxes are in compliance with food safety standards. The gas generated during the heating and burning process of acrylic display boxes will cause physical discomfort, so microwave and heating are not allowed. However, in normal use, the acrylic display box does not produce any harmful substances, so the acrylic display box can be used as a food packaging box.