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How to remove the glue smell of the display box
Date added:[2020/4/9 11:37:45]
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The display box is formed by glue bonding, so it is normal for the finished product to smell of glue. The size of the glue mainly depends on which glue you use. There are many kinds of glue for display boxes on the market, for example: shadowless glue, instant glue, epoxy Glue, UV glue, polyurethane glue, etc. How to remove the smell of glue? Don't worry, the editor will come to help right away:
    1. Cleaning: Use clean water or detergent to clean. Other water won't work, to avoid deformation or yellowing of the box.
    2. Ventilate for 2-3 days. For products with a lid, open the lid and dry in a ventilated place!
    3. Remove the peculiar smell of grapefruit peel, and put 3-4 pieces of grapefruit peel into the box while ventilating!
    With these three tricks, the glue smell ran out. Our company has been producing acrylic products for many years, and the display box is at a favorable price. If necessary, please come and buy. We will serve you wholeheartedly and ensure your satisfaction.