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How to buy acrylic candy boxes online
Date added:[2020/3/9 13:58:10]
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Now large and small supermarkets and shopping malls are using acrylic candy boxes, because they are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless and safe. With the development of e-commerce, people like to buy things online now, but we have certain precautions when buying acrylic candy boxes online, so that we can buy products with confidence, then how do we buy acrylic candy boxes online ? Next, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to this aspect.
    1. The style, specification, and size of online products can be customized. If you need to customize, you can send your own style, specification, size, text, pattern, etc., to online staff through qq, Wangwang, and mailbox. These must be prepared in detail, only in this way can you make the candy box you want.
2. Since the products are all customized products, except for the conventional styles, they all require production time. The general production time is 3-5 days. It is normal to receive the goods in the same province or remote areas for one week. Don’t take time. In the long term, the reputation is not good. This is irresponsible to the merchant. If there are special reasons, you can discuss with the manufacturer in person. They will try their best to advance the production time for their products and reputation, but pay attention to the candy boxes they produce. Can't cut corners.
3. The problem of return and exchange of custom-made candy boxes. Since you are all custom-made, if there is no quality problem or not made according to your description, then they will not return or exchange the goods. This is some friends. A common problem with online shopping is that if I think it’s inappropriate, I will return it. If you don’t return it, I will give you a bad review. Since you are custom-made, most people who understand the reason are on the side of the merchant at this time.
    4. Consider the transportation of candy box products. Because of the fragility, be prepared to take risks on both sides.
    The above is the relevant introduction of how