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Jinan Mingquan Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. was established in July 2004. The company has gradually developed from a small workshop, through continuous efforts and innovation, to a large-scale wholesale, design, production, processing, and manufacturing of acrylic candy boxes. A comprehensive manufacturer, and because of the preferential price of acrylic display boxes, and the thoughtful service, it has won everyone's praise.
The company is mainly engaged in the professional production and manufacture of acrylic products in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, commercial venues, brand shops, home life and other fields. The company has a group of experienced sales teams, design and R&D teams, production and processing teams and post-services Team and own machinery and equipment. Provide qualified products for every customer and protect the commercial interests of every customer.
The company's business scope is mainly divided into the following 7 categories:
1: Special category for supermarkets: acrylic display boxes, candy boxes, various food boxes, storage boxes, various display props made of acrylic material, advertising props, etc.
2: Office and hotel supplies; acrylic table cards, desk cards, liquor cards, conference cards, data boxes, data racks, desk calendar racks, business card boxes, etc.
3: Home life category: acrylic frame table, storage box, storage box, corner protector, etc.
4: Product packaging: sea cucumber box gift box, tobacco and alcohol gift box, tea gift box, etc.
5: Advertising display category: all kinds of acrylic advertising characters, luminous characters, corporate promotional panels, acrylic light boxes, signs, logo signs, etc.
6: Supply of advertising consumables: acrylic sheet, acrylic rod, acrylic tube, acrylic triangle, PVC foam board, acrylic hinge, acrylic special glue,
7: Supermarket equipment and consumables: promotional stacks; dry goods shelves, fresh shelves, bread racks, food tongs, food shovel, etc.
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